About Us

ZibAndam was created in the midst of sporting challenges. Just when athletes and coaches came to the conclusion that the foundation of this art, with all its emotions and aspirations, was declining and no one could save it. Yes, at the very moment when, from the corners of the clubs, whispers were heard from more or less unfortunate complaints and grievances, ZibAndam the same mysterious magician was born from a creative but complaining mind , and the half-dead body of sports and fitness Hugged. Gradually, over all her wounds and helplessness, she placed a kind of comfort and erased many of her worries in the blink of an eye.

The ZibAndam family has been active in the field of fitness and health for nearly a decade. At present, this family is trying to take more innovative and intelligent steps in carrying out its organizational and social missions. The family also strives to reconcile all the people of the world with a sense of friendship for health and fitness.

Who are we?

ZibAndam is an Health and Fitness Platform whose mission is to raise the level of community health and highlight the culture of sports and health at the community level. It has also created the ability for athletes and coaches to communicate with each other anywhere in the world. With this platform and Infrastructure provided by ZibAndam, athletes can follow the path of health and fitness according to their specific exercise and nutrition program under the supervision of an expert trainer.

Our Mission

In the zibandam family, we are constantly striving to give the right healthy lifestyle to the general public, in addition to raising the level of community culture and raising public awareness in the field of health, healthy nutrition and fitness. We want to awaken the spirit of self-belief in every person and soothe the soul of people with exercise. In addition, in order to carry out our missions, we provide the conditions for no one to face the limitations of space, time and even age for sports, and to walk in the path of their health at the lowest cost, even without equipment. In this way, our family has provided more space for the entrepreneurship of the coaching staff, and beyond that, it has prepared the necessary infrastructure to create a working environment for the youth.

Offline coach
  • Provide exercise and diet programs, along with the correct video of exercise movements
Online Coach
  • Practice coach and athlete Simultaneously and live
  • Practice the athlete live and under the supervision of a coach
  • Content training through the Presentation of specialized articles
  • Training exercises, in the social network of Aparat
  • Teaching diet cooking videos (coming soon)
  • Holding specialized seminars (coming soon)
  • Holding training classes (coming soon)
  • In-country competition for Transformation of the bod
  • Overseas competition for Transformation of the body
  • Professional body beauty competitions
  • Cross-fit competitions and public sports
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ZibAndam Honors

The presence of ZibAndam in the Iran-Africa meeting for technology export by the Vice President for Science and Technology as a creative company

Winning the third place of ZibAndam team in Tehran province bodybuilding competitions

The first fitness telegram channel and online trainer in Iran

Acquiring various positions of ZibAndam athletes in city and provincial competitions of the country

The presence of Zib Andam in the Science and Technology Park as a technology company

The most complete source of fitness articles as an online trainer

The first source of correct training movements, in the form of video content

The first online trainer by designing training systems in an optional and intelligent way

Cooperation with the top coaches of Iran and Iranian coaches in other countries

The most complete Health and Fitness Platform in various social networks

Holder of e-namad license (electronic trust) from Industry, Mining and Trade Organization

Holder of cultural media license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Why should you choose us?

Indeed, there are always compelling reasons to choose the bests. ZibAndam is also a smart and desirable choice, because in addition to bringing all its work to the operational stage based on its unique meaning and concept, it mysteriously delights you with its innovative services and unparalleled flexibility in various situations. On the other hand, the best specialists in every field are with you at all times with valid documents. Of course, do not worry about anything, our support is by your side in all moments and situations. Most importantly, wherever you are in the world, you can get the best services at the most reasonable prices from ZibAndam and trust us with all your being, Because your privacy is protected and in this way we take advantage of the latest capabilities in the world.